Blogs From Trips We Have Taken

During some of the bigger trips we have taken Suzan has written a blog while we were on the trip. This seems to work best when we are on a long cruise since the days at sea give us time to process the photos and write the blog entries.

QE2 Turkey

2005 World Cruise

 So far there have been three such trips. In 2005 we took the QE2 World Cruise around the world in 108 days. This went from New York to Southampton on the QE2 then back to New York on the QM2. The itinerary went through the Panama Canal, across the South Pacific to Australia, through Asia and the Suez Canal, through the Mediterranean, to Southampton (where we changed ships), and back to New York. The blog, bigtrip, for this trip is here.

QE2 and Horse

QE2 and New Zealand 

The second trip we have a blog for is another QE2 World Cruise (2008), but this time we only stayed on the ship from New York to Sydney, Australia. When we got there we got off and flew back to New Zealand where Suzan’s sister now lives after moving there in 2006. We spent a month there visiting her and touring around New Zealand with another of Suzan’s sisters who had flown from Canada to meet us there. We intended to keep the blog going in New Zealand, but without the days at sea we were too busy to do so. The blog, southernsojourn, for this trip is here.


QE2 Final Voyage

In November 2008 the QE2 took its final voyage. Some time earlier it had been sold to Dubai World and was being delivered to its new owners in Dubai. This voyage sold out within hours of going on sale, but Suzan managed to get four cabins on it, one of them for us. We left Southampton on November 11, 2008 and arrived in Dubai 15 days later after having passed through the Mediterranean Sea, the Suez Canal, and the Red Sea. The blog, farewellvoyage, for this trip is here.


Bali to Fiji Lindblad Expedition

Lindblad and National Geographic have partnered on a number of interesting voyages around the world. We have taken several of these voyages, including one that took us from Bali to Fiji through Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Melanesia. Suzan once again found time to do a blog for this trip.

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